Packaging М1-171/171/55,5

Packaging М1-171/171/55,5 Packaging М1-171/171/55,5 main-image
Packaging М1-171/171/55,5
Packaging М1-171/171/55,5 Packaging М1-171/171/55,5

Containers for meat products packaging are made of PET/PE film. It is the most widely used material in the world due to its unique qualities and price ratio.

We have a wide variety of rigid films for forming various trays for packing poultry and meat. The film can be made as a barrier (for long shelf life), and non-barrier (for fresh products and short shelf life, or for packaging that does not require such features).

Assortment Capacity Size, mm Packages in a box, pcs Net weight, g Width, mm Length, mm Height, mm Material Packaging arrangement
Packaging М1-171/171/45 171х171х45 630 171 171 45 PET With separate lid
Packaging М1-171/171/55,5 171х171х55,5 171 171 55,5 PET With separate lid
Available colours :

Benefits of packaging for meat and poultry production produced by Alfa-Sintez

  • Long shelf life of products. The film has barrier properties and allows to store the product in a modified gaseous medium, and also can be used in vacuum.
  • Excellent performance. The packaging has high elasticity, impact resistance (90 kJ/m2) and a low moisture absorption coefficient. It is also frost resistant and has excellent heat sealability.
  • Harmlessness. PET does not contain toxic substances that can migrate into food during storage.
  • Presentation of goods. Modern packaging for meat products, cold cuts, sausages and convenience foods allows you to make the product more convenient to use, as well as more visible on the shelf.
  • Additional features. Our equipment allows to produce films of any color for food containers: single-layer (PET) and multilayer or laminated (PET/PE, PET/EVOH/PE, PET/EVOH/PEEL/PE)